Accelerating Clinical Trials with intelligent site selection and efficient project management

InPharm Global is a purpose-built, daily management work-flow solution utilizing key metrics and predictive analytics to ensure optimal site selection and transform your study management process.

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Find out how our key metrics and proprietary predictive analytics can reduce your clinical cycle times, accelerate study timelines, and save hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Efficiency Built In

The traditional site selection process involves manual collation of data from Excel spreadsheets and feasibility questionnaires and completely lacks the experiential knowledge of people who work with these sites on a daily basis. These inefficiencies lead to unmet timelines and lack of enrollment, which increases costs and slows getting potentially life-saving drugs to market. InPharm Global uses key metrics and predictive analytics to ensure our clients make well informed decisions for each new study.


Success at Your Fingertips

Our cloud-based site management and communication technology captures and shares the valuable hands-on knowledge of field-based study teams. With InPharm Global’s applied information metrics, and predictive analytics at your fingertips, you’re equipped to overcome old challenges and experience new results.


Integration Made Easy

You don’t have to change or replace the software in your current ecosystem to enjoy all the benefits of InPharm Global. Our solution has been designed and developed to serve as a high-quality addition that can be seamlessly integrated with your daily work-flow while requiring little to no IT support, maintenance, or training. An intuitive and user-friendly interface means your staff can hit the ground running!